Dunhill White Spot

Pipe Tools PA4130

Dunhill White Spot Pipe Tools PA4130
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ManufacturersDunhill White Spot
SeriesPipe Tools
MaterialStainless steel 416 grade
List Price695,00 €
Tax Free Price570,00 €
Approximately USD$ 616,00
Professional Pipe Reamer Set


Our objective for this product was to develop the best pipe reamer that
money can buy – it should be easy to use, give superior reaming results and be suitable even for the most professional requirements.

Precision-engineered in the UK from the best materials available, this pipe reamer or „carbon cutter? set was inspired by the reamers made by Alfred Dunhill in the 1920?s and 1930?s, for which Alfred Dunhill had been granted patents in 1916 (English patent numbers 103402/16 and 105402/16).
The set consists of three interchangeable, tapered blades (or cutters) and one handle and have been improved in several ways compared to the archive product.

We extended the length of the cutting edges by approximately 40%, thus giving a much larger scraping area. The three cutters have maximum widths of approximately 16, 17 and 19 mm that will suit most pipes. The cutters are machined from solid blocks of a high-grade Stainless Steel, which have then been specially hardened and then polished.

The rounded bottom of each scraper protects the bottom of the tobacco chamber – an important point as other brand?s pipe scrapers sometimes have sharp edges that might damage the bottom of the pipe.
The blades will last for years of good service and can be re-sharpened if ever required.

Another improvement is the White Spot handle. The flat handle has a generous height of more than 9mm (compared to the only 3mm diameter round bar of the archive piece), which results in a much larger contact
surface area and therefore less pressure on the thumb and index finger.
Also, its wide width provides better leverage for effortless turning
and scraping. The handles are cut from solid brass and then Chromium plated and finished with laser engraving.

The exchangeable cutters are equipped with locating dog teeth (bayonet-style) which are secured to the handle by a retaining locking ring/collar. This collar has been engine-turned with vertical lines for better grip.
The set is presented in an attractive leather-covered hard case, which also makes an attractive gift proposition.