5 Clawed Dragon Ligne 2 016797

Dupont 5 Clawed Dragon Ligne 2 016797
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Series5 Clawed Dragon
ModelLigne 2 016797
FinishYellow gold plated bronze, obsidian, fire agate
Gas RefillGold
Pieces Produced8
List Price28.465,00 €
Tax Free Price23.332,00 €
Approximately USD$ 25.516,00
This lighter comes with standard cigarette burner unless specified or requested

Due to the botryoidally shape and very thin refractive color layers are one of the hardest gemstones to cut into a finished stone, taking highly skilled lapidary work and the creative talents of a true artist. Dedication, patience and time will be needed if you plan on producing quality fire agate cabochons, but the final rewards are truly spectacular. The fire agate stone also has a large metaphysical following with the fire agate meaning and properties of being an excellent protection stone which reflects negative energies, and healing properties for the stomach, nervous and endocrine systems.
The colors found within fire agates, created by the Schiller effect as found in mother-of-pearl and fire opal, is caused by the alternating silica and iron oxide layers which diffract and allow light to pass which forms the interference of colors known as fire. Besides the thin limonite and/or goethite iron oxide layers there is no actual objects inside the gems, the visual effects arise from light interference within the microstructure crystal layering of the gem.
Historically, Fire Agate was used in alchemy because it was believed to contain the essence of fire. In many traditions sacred to fire deities, it encouraged timid adults and shy children to speak up and not be ignored or bullied. It is a stone of integrity, encouraging high standards of behaviour in self and others, and promotes passion in love and in life