Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2020

Sparta Ruthenium roller

Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2020 Sparta Ruthenium roller
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SeriesPen of the Year 2020
ModelSparta Ruthenium roller
MaterialMatt, sand-blasted, ruthenium-coated metal barrel with milled pattern 7 rough diamonds
TrimRuthenium plated
Pieces Produced90
List Price3.200,00 €
Tax Free Price2.623,00 €
Approximately USD$ 2.859,00


Black and High-Carat The exclusive Black Edition of the Pen of the Year 2020 is limited to 80 rollerball pens and 270 fountain pens. Reminiscent of the rivets on the Spartans’ protective dress, the anthracite coloured metal barrel with a PVD coating made from titanium is decorated with a milled pattern and 42 uncut diamonds of 2.1 carats in seven rows of six diamonds each. The spring-loaded clip on the cap is inspired by the shape of the Greek helmet, while the inlay in the end cap shows the lambda character, which adorned the warriors‘ shields as a symbol of solidarity. The ruthenium-coated, 18-carat gold nib promises unique writing pleasure. Invoking ancient Greek breastplates, the grip zone brings the myth of Sparta and its heroes to life.