Pelikan Pens

Formal year of foundation of the artist color and ink factory by the chemist Carl Hornemann.

Günther Wagner registered a Pelican (from his family emblem) as one of the first German trademarks.

Pelikan's most famous ink series 4001 was first presented this year.

Administration and production space moved to Hannover on the Podbielskistraße.

This was the year in which the legendary Pelikan fountain pen was born. Well known with the green marbled shaft und the pioneering differential piston mechanism.

The cheaper version of a fountain pen was released under the product description "Rappen". Also a mechanical pencil was released with the name "AUCH PELIKAN" to the production program.

The model IBIS fills the place of the model "Rappen".

This is the year of the 100 year anniversary of Pelikan. The logo would redesigned for the anniversary cataloque that it would remain for the next 60 years. Also a new fountain pen was released, the model 100N.

At this time Pelikan released a new fountain pen, the model 400. The shaft is no more green marbled, like the modell 100/100N, but now green striped. It is really synonym for Pelikan fountain pens at all.

A new school fountain pen was introduced into the marketplace, named "Pelikano". It was at the first time a cartridge pen. This pen became popular at a very short time to students and teachers.

Pelikan purchased the manufacturer Greif in Goslar. Greif had also procuded fountain pens from the 1930s until

The facilities on the Podbielskistraße could no longer be expanded. Therefore the production of writing instruments was moved to Peine/Vöhrum nearby Hannover.

Like the model 400 from the 1950s Pelikan released a new model the "Souverän" M400. Apart from the feed there is no different to the model who came at 1950. A new classic fountain pen had a renaissance.

Pelikan purchased the manufacturer Geha in Hannover. Geha had also procuded well known school fountain pens from the 1950s until 1991.

The first Limited Editon (based on the 800 series) is released under the name "Blue Ocean". It was made in a blue transparent coloring. A total of 5000 fountain pens were produced.

Pelikan released a new fountain pen named "Level", a fountain pen with a very big ink reservoire.

In this year Pelikan changed the design from the models Souverän and Tradition also. Cap top has now a logo from plastic, modell M400 get an upgrade with deco rings like M800, model M600 has been made a little bit larger, model M800 without gold deco at filling knob. Also the model M200 changed. At the barrel near by the filling knob there is now a decorate band. Also the cap has now only a decorate band and the top of the cap changed like the top of the model M400 but without the gold plated ring.

The logo changed, only one young pelican is in the nest.

Pelikan is celebrating in this year the 170 year anniversary.

In 1960 the very first Pelikano was made.Now it's Pelikano-birthday and it becomes 50 years young. Cap heads of the Souverän line get a metallic logo.

Pelikan celebrates 175 years of company history.