Visconti Mirage

Amber rollerball

Visconti Mirage Amber rollerball
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ModelAmber rollerball
TrimPalladium plated
List Price125,00 €
Tax Free Price102,00 €
Approximately USD$ 120,00


Visconti Mirage

Visconti is a brand leader in the design and production of pens which are able to join an innovative and surprising way colors and shape, references to art and technological know-how in the treatment of color shades, such as the iconic Rembrandt and Van Gogh collections.
The Mirage collection makes a further step ahead: even its name declares that art is also a wonderful illusion, not just an imitation, that beauty can be a mirage, of which we can enjoy.
Pen is made in a material, whose reflections, highlighted by the scratches which originate continuous light effects, create an elusive and illusive object, modern in its iridescent lightness: as more than 50 years ago a great artist Marcel Duchamp declared: "Let's enjoy with the beauty of the mirage, because this is what remains to us ".

This pen introduces, in addition to a new shape with a modern design, also two important innovations for the Visconti production:
• a new clip, whose manufacturing accentuates the three-dimensionality of the object
• the MyPen System is not in the cap, but in the bottom of the body, in order to leave in a full view, the style of the clip, which "cuts" the cap with its metal structure.