Visconti Opera Metal

Roadster fountain pen

Visconti Opera Metal Roadster fountain pen
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SeriesOpera Metal
ModelRoadster fountain pen
MaterialAnodized aluminium
NibChromium 18 smartouch tubular
Filling SystemConverter
List Price500,00 €
Tax Free Price410,00 €
Approximately USD$ 482,00


Opera Collection

The oldest of the traditional problems that man has had to face in geometry is without any doubt the squaring of the circle. In fact it is a problem that man must have had to confront since the dawn of history as he gazed at the countless examples of circles that abound in nature.
The problem can be most completely expressed in these terms: take a circle and determine the side of a square whose area is equal to the area of that circle.
But while the problem may be simple to formulate in such terms, in practical geometry it is impossible to resolve in an elementary way simply with a ruler and compass.

The Circle is the sign of the Unity of the beginning and that of the Sky, and as such it represents cyclical movement and activity. Cyclical movement is perfect, unchangeable and unchanging, without a beginning or an end, and that is why it can represent time;
The Square is the symbol of the Earth, in contrast with the Sky. The square is an anti-dynamic figure; anchored on its four sides, and as such it represents the halt or the isolated individual moment.
Thus the squaring of the circle is the formula that expresses the two laws which created and which preserve the universe: movement and stability.

Opera is one of Visconti's most intensely iconic collections.
Its squared circle form, combining a square and a circle, is not just the perfect ergonomic shape for the writing implement. Visconti has also used the same shape in designing the cases of its timepieces and now, at long last, we have forged a meeting point between time, the circle, and writing, the square.
This exclusive design, which has been an iconic element of Visconti's identity since 2003, is now available both as a pen and as a precious timepiece.
Opera pen collection:
Fountain pen with tubular nib, Roller
Material: anodised avional
Filling system: Visconti Converter