Ashtray Zodiac

Dupont Ashtray Zodiac
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MaterialBronze and 6 onyx stones
Pieces Produced30
List€ 4.300,00

Europe Price€ 3.870,00

Outside Europe Price€ 3.173,00

Approximately USD$ 3.617,00

Originating from the Babylonian Era around 2500 years ago during the “Age of Aries”, Zodiacal signs are an ancient circle of stars were they are symbolically combined into 12 Star signs also known as constellations.

Atelier Haute Creation combines the finest know-hows of the Maison S.T. Dupont and the master jeweler Tournaire, to create exceptional objects of desire. The mysteriousness entailed in the zodiac constellations is beautifully captured in the Zodiac Collection which carries 12 writing instruments, 12 lighters and 12 ashtrays.

Fashioned from bronze, this ashtray takes shape in the hands of the artist. It is chased, engraved, polished and finished with a yellow gold patina.

Each zodiac sign (12 in total), represented in the form of stars, is engraved on a plate located in the center of the ashtray.

S.T.Dupont by Tournaire brand is engraved on the plate with the number of the product and the name of the Zodiacal sign.

6 onyx stones are added on the ashtray :
3 rounds & 3 ovals